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Delivery time

Delivery Time from China

East Global Logistics ensures full compliance with delivery time frame for shipping from China. We build an efficient route and provide fast customs clearance.

What factors determine the delivery time?

  • Time spent on customs clearance.
  • Correctness of documentation.
  • Type of cargo and size of shipment.
  • Workload of customs stations.
  • Length of the planned route.

Objective factors that cannot be avoided:

  • seasonality on holidays customs clearance takes more time;
  • weather conditions possible delays of rail and truck transport.

Shipping time is primarily defined by the type of transport. Average delivery time from China depends of the length of route and makes:

  • by truck: 10-20 days;
  • by rail: 14-35 days;
  • by sea: 21-35 days.

Delivery time from China to major Russian cities (door-to-door)

Via Vladivostok by rail:

  • Shanghai Vladivostok Moscow: 25-35 days;
  • Shanghai Vladivostok Yekaterinburg: 21-30 days;
  • Shanghai Vladivostok Novosibirsk: 21-30 days.

Via the Baltic States by sea and rail:

  • Shanghai Riga/ Klaipėda Moscow: 45-55 days.

Delivery time from China to Vladivostok

From major ports:

  • Shanghai (Shanghai): 4-5 days;
  • Ningbo (Zhejiang): 8 days;
  • Qingdao (Shandong): 10 days;
  • Dalian (Liaoning): 10 days;
  • Hong Kong: 10 days;
  • Yantian (Guangdong): 11 days;
  • Foshan (Guangdong): 13 days;
  • Huangpu (Guangdong): 14 days;
  • Shantou (Guangdong): 14 days;
  • Fuzhou (Fujian): 17 days.

Our Benefits

  • Timely delivery guaranteed.
  • Personalized routes.
  • Optimized transportation.
  • Fast processing of customs documentation and certification.
  • Freight forwarding throughout the route.
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